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4D Technologies. introduces the 4D Space Genius (“SG”) – a retail solution that goes well beyond the standard capabilities of existing retail scanning hardware and space management software. Combining the latest in robotic technology, 3D graphics, and 3D spatial data software, SG allows executives, analysts and consumers alike to monitor individual retail stores in real time, tracking product movement, stock levels and product placement without having to step foot into the store. 

Through its ability to automatically scan an average 43,000 sq. foot store in less than an hour, the SG allows retail managers to ensure their shelves are always stocked, and products are always tagged and priced correctly. By providing retailers with the data they need, SG enables managers to correct mistakes ahead of time, avoid costly errors, accurately measure past performance, and better plan for the future. Moreover, the store-level data can be collected and compiled by retail chain headquarters so executives can make informed decisions when planning operations and company policies to improve transactions between suppliers, retailers, and customers. In addition, the SG offers prospective customers the opportunity to visit the store online, without having to leave the comfort of their homes. They’ll also be able to filter out the products they seek from the rest, and map out exactly where each product is located. 

SG is one all-inclusive system that informs retail executives about what is really happening in stores instead of what they assume is happening in stores, effectively transforming the retail industry from “I Think” to “I Know”.

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4d Space Genius


"I Think" To "I Know"