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Transforming Retail

From "I Think" to "I Know".

Revolutionize the Way you Do Retail

4D Technologies specializes in designing autonomous robots, and software tools for retail. Our cost saving products support key retail operations including Shelf Maintenance, Stock Level Checks, Price Checks, Product Finding, Planogram Management, Inventory Management, Compliance, Online Shopping, and Consumer Loyalty Rewards programs.


3D Virtual Reality


Online Shopping

Our latest innovation, the Space Genius, is an all-inclusive system that informs retail executives about what is really happening in stores instead of what they assume is happening in stores, effectively transforming the retail industry from “I Think” to “I Know”.


Our solutions maximize the return on your retail space by helping you:

  • Create a Realogram including a 3D online store, a wayfinding app on a mobile device and an in-store kiosk.

  • View products exactly as they are currently on shelf and an up to date snapshot of current conditions in your store.   

  • Find any product quickly

  • Discover the real connection between space planning and category performance.

  • Ensure fair share of space for the category or brand.

  • Reduce time and labor spent on price checks.

  • Increase planogram and in store compliance.

  • Improve efficiency at the shelf.

  • Create visually attractive and profitable planograms.

  • Reduce out of stocks and overstocks.

  • Manage inventory to reduce unnecessary stock holding both on a shelf and in the stockroom.

"The 4D Space Genius is the missing link in retail analytics" - John Williams of retail consultancy J.C. Williams Group






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