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April 13, 2016

The 4D Space Genius™, a ground-breaking, patent-pending robotic imaging platform provides customers and retailers with the precise location of every product within a store.

Personal & Service Robots , Unmanned & Other Topics 4D Retail Technology Corp. launched the 4D Sp...

April 13, 2016


4D Retail Technology Corp. launched the 4D Space Genius™ today. Powered by Segway™, this robot can scan any store in less than an hour, imaging every product and associated price tag in every aisle in ultra-high resolution and 3D. Once completed the 4D Space Genius™...

April 7, 2016

by: Martin Vilaboy

[Excerpt from Inside Outdoor Spring 2016]

The Space Genius also provides retailers with an interactive 3D map of their store, precisely depicting each product exactly as it is displayed on the shelf. This realistic, virtual store can either be displaye...

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"The 4D Space Genius is the missing link in retail analytics" - John Williams of retail consultancy J.C. Williams Group